WAS SELLECTED TOP 5 ASEAN INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR had effective applied BIM system based on technologies: 3D, Data, Website, Cloud computing. The System was named BIM EZ



On July 01st 2021, Construction Joint Stochồng Company No.1 ( has organized the 1st Board of Directors… – L’AURORA PHU YEN GROUND-BREAKING CEREMONY

On the morning of May 18, 2021, Construction Joint Stock Company No. 1 ( and A&V Viet My Trading & Service Investment JSC…

* organized the First Worksiêu thị of Year 2021

In the exciting atmosphere of the Year of Ox, on March 2, 2021, held the First Workshop of Year 2021 attended by high-màn chơi key persons…


While maintaining operations with COVID-19 prevention as the top priority, until now, has organized for all employees…

* was highly ranked in the menu of Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietphái mạnh in 20đôi mươi & BW Industrial Signed D&B Contract of BWID TPT4 – SG Logistics Project

Following the Groundbreaking sự kiện on December 3, 20đôi mươi, and BW Industrial officially signed the D&B Contract of SG Logistics Project… SIGNS CONTRACT OF DAN ON FOODS FACTORY – PHRASE 2

On the morning of December 1, 20trăng tròn, cooperated with Dan On Foods Corporation held a Contract Signing Ceremony… Signs Contract of Movenpick Hotel Ceremony

On the morning of November 26, 20trăng tròn, và Noval& Group carried out officially signing Contract of Movenpiông chồng Hotel at NovaWorld Phan Thiet…

Hoiamãng cầu Integrated Resort

Project: Condotel – South Hoi An complex

Location: Hoi An, Quang Nam Province

Condotel – South Hoi An complex

Project:Condotel – South Hoi An complex

Address: Hoi An, Quang Nam Province

+

Tirol Choteo Vietnam Factory

Project: Tirol Choco Vietnam giới Factory

Address: Dong Nai, Viet Nam

+


Project: Estella Heights 2

Address: District 2, Hochiminch City

+

Vista Verde Residental

Project: Vista Verde Residental

Address: District 2, Hochiminh City

+

Welcome to lớn!As the business environments are increasingly uncertain yet highly competitive, continues optimizing our intellectual capital to innovate, lớn change and khổng lồ move on; for the advancements not only of ourselves’ but also our stakeholders’.

Bạn đang xem: Công ty cp xây dựng 1 cofico’s established history has seen moments of both great achievements as well as tough challenges. Either way, we keep calm, diligent & resolute lớn continue our journey reaching newer heights. Today, as one of Vietnam’s leading construction companies, it has long been’s overriding philosophy that ‘We are not just building buildings. We are building svào relationships with clients & partners’, which applies universally lớn all aspects of our business, both internally và externally.

This is primarily enabled by our highly committed staffs at all levels who so very enjoy their work, see their bright future with the company và thus dedicate wholeheartedly to Secondly, is proud lớn be accompanied by our partners both local and foreign, especially our strategic shareholder who is one of the large international contractors namely Maeda Corporation; with all of whose critical partnerships and supports, continues khổng lồ reinforce và enhance our competitive sầu advantages.

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And so we profoundly believe sầu that, powered by such specially energetic values, is properly equipped lớn attain ever-demanding international standards while leveraging our deeply-rooted local understandings. We shall therefore continue to lớn optimize profitability, khổng lồ be an employer of choice, a partner of choice, a contractor of choice & a responsible corporate citizen; for all of which we shall naturally be Vietnam’s most respected construction company.

It is the’s identity to Preserve Our Chip Core Values — being Respect, Trust, Teamwork & Safety — while Stimulating Progress.

Let’s do & achieve, together!

Mr. Le Dang Xu Executive sầu Chairman

Vision has, step by step, moved towards its vision of becoming one of the leading construction companies domestically and internationally.To be accredited by customers’ và business partners is an important factor making’s success.Not only delivering goodness to customers, also creates many opportunities for its staffs. Every staff can be proud working at Mission’s mission is to deliver the best construction solutions & services to satisfy customers’ expectations and help customers achieve their long-term business objectives.We evaluate our success based on the success of our customers và other stakeholders. Eventually, such success depends on factors regarding high quality (international standard services), safety of the construction site, reasonable price and solutions with appropriate work progresses. bộ vi xử lý Core values RespectRespect the community diversity, treasure the values of business, work & social relationships. TrustTrust is the source of creditability in every relationship/ transaction among colleagues, customers’, partners. That makes’s power. TeamworkUnderstanding the value of teamwork’ spirit will always deliver success. Thus, colleagues should encourage, work together và cốt truyện targets to lớn produce optimal results. SafetyHuman is the Company’s precious social capital. Thus ensuring safety in every construction site is one of the Company’s priorities in the course for sustainable development (At, every staff works và returns home safely)