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1. Hợp đồng mướn công ty bởi giờ Anh

In-principle agreement for house RentingThis In-principle Agreement (hereinafter referred to lớn as “IPA”) is signed on ____/__/2006 in __________, by and between the following parties
The lessor: ________________________Address: ______________________Identity Card No: _______________Nationality: ________________(Hereinafter referred khổng lồ as: “Party A”)AndThe lessee:Mr. ______________________________Nationality: _____________Passport No.: _____________Date of issue: _____________Date of expiry: _____________(Hereinafter referred to as: “Party B”)Whereas:the Party B, one of the foreign investors who are going khổng lồ invest in Vietnam giới by co-operation with one Vietnamese company, named __________ in khung of joint venture company, engaging in restaurant services (Hereinafter referred to as: “Project”), wishes khổng lồ lease Party A’s house lớn serve as the Head Office và restaurant of the joint venture company;The Party A is a authorized person of the household, owning the house to lớn be leased, & the Party A would like to lớn sign the House Leasing Contract with the Party B.

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Therefore:The two Parties agree lớn sign this IPA upon the following Terms và Conditions.Article 1. Leasing PurposesThe Parties agree lớn enter this IPA for the foundation of signing the official Contract of House Leasing in future, accordingly the established joint venture company – after being granted for an Investment Certificate – shall use the Leased Location as its Head Office và restaurant for business activities of the project which is approved in the Investment Certificate by the competent authorities of Vietphái mạnh.Article 2. Main Articles và Conditions of the Official Contract of House Leasing2.1 House for lease- Address: ________________________________________________- Total floor area for lease: ____________ m2.2.2 Term of lease2.2.1 The joint venture company shall officially sign the Contract of House leasing with the Party A right after it is granted by competent authorities of Vietphái mạnh with investment Certificate under current laws và regulations on foreign investment in Vietnam;2.2.2 Term of the official Contract of House leasing shall be 05 (five) years commencing from the date of signatures.2.2.3 In case of extension of the Leasing Contract, the two Parties shall come to an agreement for the extension. In respect of any case, proposal for extension should be made 30 (thirty) days in advance prior to the date of expiry as provided in Item (2.2.2) of this Agreement.

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2.3 Payment2.3.1 The payment for house leasing shall correspond khổng lồ USD / month (one thousvà và three hundred United State Dollars) per month;2.3.2 The joint venture company shall be subject to persize payments for utilities, telephone at the Location upon the monthly actual volume (based on the figures initially agreed by the Parties at the date of handing-over).2.3.3 Equipments that the joint venture company is entitled to exploit at the location shall be particularly determined by the Parties on the date of officially signing the official Contract of house leasing and shall be listed as an Appendix which is an integral part of such Contract.2.4 Mode of payment2.4.1 Currency for payment:The Parties shall persize the payment in Vietphái nam Dong. The currency provided in this IPA as well as in the future official Contract of house leasing are only for reference for the purpose of determining the particular amount of payment in Vietphái nam Dong.2.4.2 The payment for house leasing shall be paid in Quarter basis. Such payment shall be made by the joint venture company to lớn the Party A within first ten days of first month of each Quarter.Article 3. Responsibilities of the Parties3.1 Responsibilities of the Party A3.1.1 lớn ensure of being the legal owner who has legal documents on the leased house;3.1.2 to be liable to lớn carry out necessary legal procedures at competent authorities of Vietnam (if required by law) in order to facilitate the joint venture company for its lawful exploitation of the location;
3.1.3 lớn hand-over the house timely lớn the joint venture company right after both Parties sign the official Contract of house leasing for the purposes of timely business operation of such company;3.1.4 to be liable to lớn provide Party B and the joint venture company with relevant legal documents presenting Party A’s ownership to lớn the location;3.1.5 khổng lồ ensure and facilitate the Party B và the joint venture company with the best assistance for their full and solely right of exploitation of the house upon agreement in this IPA and the official Contract of house leasing that should be signed later on;3.1.6 to perkhung the legitimate fees, taxes in relation to the real-estate leasing activities under current regulations of Vietnam;3.1.7 lớn make a notice of 3 (three months) in advance to lớn the Party B and/or the joint venture company in case of unilaterally terminate the Contract prior to the agreed expiry.3.2 Responsibilities of the Party B & the joint venture company3.2.1 khổng lồ timely perform the payment of house leasing;3.2.2 lớn exploit the house in purposes as agreed;3.2.3 khổng lồ be liable lớn compensate for the damages, losing of furniture, interior equipment at the location which are not caused by normal margin of wear và tear. Actively manage and control the accompanied equipments which are proprietary of the Party B and/or the joint venture company;3.2.4 to lớn fully follow the regulations of security, sanitation & environment at the location;3.2.5 lớn make a notice of 3 (three) months in advance lớn the Party A in case of unilaterally terminate the Contract prior to the agreed expiry.Article 4. Other responsibilities of the two Parties.4.1 Right after the joint venture company gets the Investment Certificate, both Parties shall come khổng lồ signatures of the official Contract of house leasing, particularly specifying the Articles & other conditions as agreed in this IPA, also the responsibilities of the Parties should be determined. The payment for house leasing shall be specified upon particular Articles of the official Contract;
(In case of using fuel to lớn run electricity generator due lớn electrithành phố cut-off. Party B must pay fuel charges equivalent lớn Party B’s rate of electriđô thị consumption in 01 month compared with total electricity consumption in the same month of the house No……………BÊN CHO THUÊ NHÀ(Ký và ghi rõ chúng ta tên)BÊN THUÊ NHÀ(Ký với ghi rõ họ tên)
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